About Me

I guess you wandered here somehow and decided to look at my blog.
Let me introduce myself and answer some questions that might be on your mind about me.

My name is Tami Vu
You maybe wondering why I chose the name Pink Sushi
I saw it in a movie once and just decided it was the coolest name ever and since I'm not very good with thinking of new names, well... I just ran with it.
Also, I really like salmon sushi.
If I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life, it would probably be salmon.

I started blogging years ago but I never really knew what to focus on because I was interested in all sort of different things.
Now, I still am.
I like to talk about all sorts of things 
You can see how unorganized this whole section is but you basically made it half way through so you can totally click away without feeling like you missed anything.
If not, 
continue to scroll.


I am a college student 
I currently live in Houston, Texas
my dog - Waffles, who I spend most of my time with

As you can tell by now, 
(obviously since I even named my dog after a pastry)
but did you know
I also LOVE coffee?
I also love shopping and reading

I think I checked all the boxes about me and I think this is a proper lengthy "About Me" section.
If you made it all the way till the end,
You get a virtual hug and a pat on the back for not clicking away mid way through.

Bye now,

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