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Warby Parker Resort Collection 2017

It's time for the holidays again! I literally cannot believe how fast 2017 went by!
If you're like me, holiday shopping beats everything, it's better than those deals you get for Black Friday, it's better than Cyber Monday... ok, maybe not Cyber Monday, but it's the best time of the year for a reason right?
Whether you're cruising down the lanes in stores with a cup of hot chocolate or you're at home browsing through websites with holiday music playing in the background, I think we can all agree on one thing, and that is, how fun it is to buy gifts for others and you know, occasionally, yourself too.

Recently I was contacted by Warby Parker to help announce their new Resort collection that arrived December 5th. I will be honest and say I've never tried their product, I have heard good things about their retail location here in Houston but have yet to go there. If you've been, please let me know how it was, I'd love to stop by one day!
At first, I was like, what do I know about glasses to talk about them? Then I realized how amazing their designs were and simply fell in love with the way they looked.
Keep in mind that I have not tried these on personally so I can't talk much about the feel and quality but rather how they look aesthetically and how the branding looks from my perspective. Truthfully, I think with all the online shopping I've done, I may have picked up a few tricks here and there about the products before they actually arrive at my door-step. However, Warby Parker has a program where they will ship 5 frames to your house so you can try them on first!! What a time to be alive, right?!


The collection is really something that can go with anyone's everyday look. Whether you live in your leggings like me or you're all-the-time chic, you really can't go wrong with classic frames. 

This collection of eyeglasses come with both frames for male and female so no one is excluded from the collection. Personally, I have been guilty of wearing male or I'd say unisex glasses before because I've always had a much bigger face and I love when my glasses are a bit oversized. If you're anything like me and like your glasses oversized or have a smaller face, go one and try both to see which one fits you better. 

Some people have perfect vision. *please tell me your secret*. We get it, you don't need eyeglasses. Not to worry, the collection has a line of sunglasses for you :). I don't know about you but I would love to walk down the street with the Cleo glasses with maybe a light scarf and a cup of coffee. I believe that there is still a few more glasses on their website. Houston or Texas' weather in general, is sunny about 80% year round so people definitely NEED sunglasses. Or you know, you can just wear them to hide your tired eyes like I do, sometimes. 

This collection is way too chic to pass up and I think this is the one accessory that can go well with any outfit. I'm already imagining some jeans, maybe a white basic tee with a light scarf and denim jacket to pair with this collection!

I had a friend who would tell me it was so hard to find glasses because everything would be too close to her eyes and would smear her mascara all over the lens. With the support that I can see from these glasses, I think it would work great for people with the same fear because it basically lifts the frame from your nose bridge, giving a bit of gap between the lens and your eyelashes. 

I did my research on Warby Parker before accepting to help them announce this collection and found out they have a great program called "Buy a pair, give a pair" so basically they work with partners worldwide to give a pair to those in need whenever a pair is bought. YES. I mean what goes better during the holiday season than to give. Especially when this program has been happening year round? 

Go check out Warby Parker's new Resort collection!
I'll do an update post when I actually try them out as well!

All for now,

FREE Valentine's Day Print Out Cards

To me, Valentine's Day has always been an unofficial official holiday, ranked in my Top 3 favorite unofficial holidays right after Halloween.

Yes, I know it is widely recognized and celebrated but we don't exactly get the day off to go find our loved ones chocolates or flowers. We still wake up, go through our busy days and sometimes, we forget that Valentine's Day is next week, tomorrow or even today!

Now I don't know about you but forgetting to get your significant other something for Valentine's day for many is almost the same as forgetting an anniversary. But you know, life happens.

I was talking to my friend's little brother and he had no idea when Valentine's Day was, he thought it was on Thursday this year and I've seen many adults make the same mistake. 

That's why, I've whipped up some fast, and I do mean fast as in you can print it at work, school, even at the local Fedex right before you get home. 
It's free, it's fast, all you have to do is click on the link at the end, download the pdf file (this is so the image won't be pixelated), save the card to your computer then print it out!
You could also right click on directly on the image, open image as new tab but the resolutions would not be as good.

I have been in love with Instagram's and Facebook's heart shape and color since they came out. They picked the perfect shape and the perfect shade for the emoji.
So in a world where social media takes up such a huge chunk of our daily life, we should probably reassure our loved ones that we'd "like" their photos right? 
I mean, is it real love if we don't double tap their 2359th selfie or their 120931st food post even though they were right in front of us?

Reassure them with this Facebook inspired heart card that makes sure they know we'll DOUBLE TAP their photo any day!
If you're feeling spontaneous, here's a folded heart version where you can cut up the shape of the heart and then fold, or you could just fold the paper in half and get 2 hearts on the front and back.
Go crazy, be creative!

I used to hate the sweetheart candies because they tasted like chalk to me, well I still hate them now but you can't deny that the pastel colors and the way the words are printed on makes such cute photos, especially for Valentine's Day!
Since both of these were inspired by those tiny chalk feeling candy hearts, just follow the guidelines and cut the 2 hearts out then fold in the middle.

All 3 of the designs can be downloaded on any paper, any rectangular shaped.
In my honest opinion, if you can, download them on card stock paper so it will look nice and thick and won't be too flimsy. Keep in mind these are to be the outside so be sure to right a cute little note on the inside so when they open up the card, there is a sweet message waiting for them inside!

Links are posted here
  1. I'd Double Tap You
  2. I'd Double Tap You folded
  3. Hey folded
  4. XOXO folded

Have fun!
Happy Valentine's Day!