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There have been so many complaints about Sephora's rewards system.

One of the new 500 points reward

Basically, now the system works is for every dollar you spend, you get a point.
It sounds good ideally but to claim something as small as a sample size product, you have to have at least 100 points meaning you've spent at least $100 on products.
To be honest, $100 on make up and/or skin care products is no biggie because they can cost a lot of money.
But then, every month, Sephora gives you these 250 points which are usually perfumes or 500 points which are a collection of deluxe samples from a brand. That's where your points can fly off really fast.

I have over 2000 points saved up in my account because honestly, there really has been anything that I wanted to spend my points on - for the 500 mark that is.

Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip - Liquid lipstick that will literally stick with you till the end!

This is a huge game changer!

lipstick that doesn't rub off!

I used to hate lipstick because they would get so messy, I would have lipstick on my sleeves, on my coffee cups and on every single napkin after I eat. The worst part about it is that the color rubs off so you would have to constantly apply it which means you'll always have to carry your lipstick where ever you go. Not that lipsticks weigh like 10 thousand pounds and you'll have to pick that or your organs - It's a pain if you are like me and don't want to carry anything but your phone so you can skip the bag check lines.

Honestly, I've been trying so many different brands and I still haven't found the perfect lipstick that would stay forever.
That is, until I found Beauty Bakerie's liquid lipsticks or lip whips.
I'm guessing you may have seen a bunch of beauty clips on Instagram showing how after the lipstick dries, it does not budge; not even under water (enough with the "take your date to go swimming joke" since make up doesn't even wash away anymore. LOL).
Let me tell you something, NO ONE and I mean NO ONE posted the name of the lipstick brand so I spent a good few weeks trying to find the name with ridiculous searches like "lipstick that doesn't smudge" or "liquid lipstick that dries matte" - none really gave me the result I wanted until one day, I happen to stumble on their own Instagram page.