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H2O+ beauty products & Foreo's "Save The Sea" luna mini 2

A few weeks ago, I entered an Instagram contest from H2O+ beauty and Foreo; where if I won, I would get five products from H2O+ and a special edition Foreo Luna Mini 2.
I was so excited to actually WIN the items from the giveaway!!

I’m all for skincare simply because I think it’s so important for us to take care of ourselves and make sure our skin stays healthy.
Personally, I’ve always had skin problems since high school, so I’ve been trying countless different products to find the right one for my skin so you know I HAD to do a review about this new product on my blog! What better way to start off the school year than with nice, glowing skin, especially after all the long nights of staying awake during summer?


There have been so many complaints about Sephora's rewards system.

One of the new 500 points reward

Basically, how the system works is for every dollar you spend, you get a point.
It sounds good ideally but to claim something as small as a sample size product, you have to have at least 100 points meaning you've spent at least $100 on products.
To be honest, $100 on make up and/or skin care products is no biggie because they can cost a lot of money.
But then, every month, Sephora gives you these 250 points which are usually perfumes or 500 points which are a collection of deluxe samples from a brand. That's where your points can fly off really fast.

I have over 2000 points saved up in my account because honestly, there really has been anything that I wanted to spend my points on - for the 500 mark that is.