Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Book Review - "The Sprouted Kitchen Bowl and Spoon"

    I've been looking for summer reads to start off my summer (soon I won't even have any left). I've been so used to fictional books and I loved them! Just I haven't been really able to find a good story and nonfictional just isn't my thing (unless it's ww2. yes. pretty weird). So i decided, why not go and find some good cookbooks to read because obviously, I LOVE FOOD. Can't you tell by how I capitalized everything in the word? I found out about this amazing website that gives bloggers a chance to get free books, in exchange for an honest review which totally made my day. I mean free books for a book lover? YES. Yes. and Yes. Please. So my review is my first thoughts upon a book called, "The Sprouted Kitchen Bowl and Spoon" by Sara Forte. 

    So I, unlike many other reviewers have no idea who the author is, after researching about Sara Forte, I found out that she's a food blogger who has already published a book before this one called "The Sprouted Kitchen". So why did I choose this book instead of all the books out there? I would say the cover is what attracted me. Many people, like myself are attracted by a beautiful cover and I don't think I can ever settle for anything less. The pictures taken inside the book are insanely beautiful and has a nice, warm glow feel to the photos. 
    I am not a huge readers when it comes to food because I want to focus on the main thing, what does it look like? And how do I make it look like that? I mean I instagram everything so maybe that's my fault that I care so much about appearances of food. At first I was a bit hesitant to try some of the recipes because I'm not a huge "green", "organic" foodie. I love anything that's fresh but I cannot go full vegan at all point or low calories, it isn't a priority on my list when choosing food. So needless to say, I was surprised when I saw a lot of recipes that weren't completely vegan like I thought. It is a big plus sign for me but if you are a person who is looking for a full on vegan cook book, maybe skip a few recipes. 
    Everything is essentially made to fit or to be served on a bowl. Hence the name Forte picked. I like that concept of the whole bowl idea and I think it's cute and clever at the same time. I've skimmed through some recipes but haven't had the time to actually try them out but hopefully, sometime in the future, I will have better time to actually taste them instead of tasting them through the beautiful pictures. 
    I am excited to read more and maybe taste one of the recipes soon.
You can check out more about this book here

*"I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review."

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Friday, May 8, 2015

One Last Week...

One last week 

I wish I could make that eight letter word bigger and make it shoot fireworks as well as confetti but I think just making it extra big helps to show how much I'm looking forward to it.
This year has been a long long year and as far as I know, I've got the first year of college down. Well, next week that is. 

I'm so exited for summer as well as all the trips to come during this upcoming months. YES. I (finally) have a life? LOL. 

As for now, the best I can do is go out to eat, order vacation drinks to get my vibe on then go home to cry on my little note cards. Yes. I make note cards. Nice ones too, if I do say so myself. 
Honestly, I am so done with this year and I just want some free time to be back to this blog and maybe relax a bit.

I've been on a break from this blog for five months now and so many things has happened. From Waffles to 2 new hamsters. Crazy right? 
Ugh. So much blogging, so little time and energy. 

As for now...
Me in my own crappy little doodle and smudged writings. 

All for now,