What's In My Bag - GG Marmont Matelassé Mini Bag

A few months ago, I decided to purchase the Gucci GG Marmont Matelassé Mini Bag.
The bag retails at $980 which when deciding between this bag and the Gucci Disco bag that retails at $1190, I decided to go with this one. With Gucci seemingly raising the prices (The Gucci Disco bag was $980 when I saw it for the very first time), I had to get it quick - or that was my reasoning to make sure I got it lol.

The bag comes in multiple sizes and because I was in need of a smaller black bag that I would wear with leggings - let's face it, I mostly wear leggings so black was a must need color in my closet. I'm not quite sure why I don't have that many black bags.
Seeing all the bloggers and influencers get this bag ages ago, I was a bit behind trend but I needed a staple for my closet more than just to follow whatever trend was going on.

The description on Gucci's website is: 'The mini GG Marmont chain shoulder bag has a softly structured shape and a zip top closure with Double G hardware. The chain shoulder strap has a leather shoulder detail. Made in matelassé leather with a chevron design and GG on the back.'

Honestly, if I knew how much I would be using this bag, I would've bought it right when it came out.
I have been using this bag almost EVERY SINGLE DAY ever since I bought it - Louis Vuitton who? JK - but really though...

So I thought it would be necessary to show what's in my bag every day, in a way, also showing what fits in this tiny bag.

It's safe to say my essentials fit perfectly in this bag. However when I add my phone in, it's a big of a snug but it can still be closed without having to force it in.

My wallet - Louis Vuitton Monogram Pocket Organizer which I may or may not have bought just to fit this bag. Oops. Honestly this wallet is under the men's category which I hate because I think it's more of a unisex wallet. All my cards fit perfectly inside and closes nicely without having to unzip or button anything. You can just flip it open and pull out your cards. 

My keys - LV Upside Down Illustré Bag Charm and Key Holder. The key chain is more of a bag charm - also under the men's category. I guess when it comes to smaller accessorizes, they list it all under the men's? lol. Well it's pretty big which was perfect for people who tend to leave their keys just about everywhere, it's perfect to just reach in a bag and grab it right out. I joke that I could probably put a cocktail on it since it's the size of a coaster.

My sunglasses - Gucci 57mm Square Sunglasses. Last season Gucci was hitting all the right notes with every single one of their products. Honestly being from someone who owns nothing from them to wanting everything from their collections, they've done an amazing job! These cover up my whole face which is perfect for anyday and with Houston's sun, I need it! (The prices seem to keep bumping up for these too)

My Perfume - Commodity's Mimosa 
My all time favorite brand Commodity truly comes out with the best scents. I love the smell of oranges and honestly who doesn't like mimosas? If you're not sure about the scents, they have testers that you can purchase before committing to a full or travel size bottle but honestly, I love all their scents so it's hard to pick just one, believe me.
This goes with my everywhere and just a few spray lasts forever, having me smell like oranges - in the best way.

My lipbalm - Smith's Strawberry Lip balm. OMG. One of the best lipbalms hands down. They come in tubes like this or little tin cans that you can apply with your finger. Personally, this fits me so much better since it's easy and fast. The smell is amazing and it makes your lips heavenly soft. I mean who can complain when your lips smells and tastes like strawberries?

Everything fits in perfectly with a bit of room to spare

I'm definately more of a dress as casual as possible type of person so if this bag can go with everything from leggings and sneakers to dresses and heels, it's an amazing investment. The bag to me also isn't tacky in a way that it shows off the brand just enough. I've never really been a huge fan of chains on bags hence why all my bags are leather straps but for some reason, the amount of chain on this one gives it a nice pop so you can dress up or down with it.

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