One Last Week...

One last week 

I wish I could make that eight letter word bigger and make it shoot fireworks as well as confetti but I think just making it extra big helps to show how much I'm looking forward to it.
This year has been a long long year and as far as I know, I've got the first year of college down. Well, next week that is. 

I'm so exited for summer as well as all the trips to come during this upcoming months. YES. I (finally) have a life? LOL. 

As for now, the best I can do is go out to eat, order vacation drinks to get my vibe on then go home to cry on my little note cards. Yes. I make note cards. Nice ones too, if I do say so myself. 
Honestly, I am so done with this year and I just want some free time to be back to this blog and maybe relax a bit.

I've been on a break from this blog for five months now and so many things has happened. From Waffles to 2 new hamsters. Crazy right? 
Ugh. So much blogging, so little time and energy. 

As for now...
Me in my own crappy little doodle and smudged writings. 

All for now,

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