Wednesday Workday

It's still summer so my timing is messed up...big time. 
But I managed to sort out the chaos and sat down to finish up my work.

This last year of High School is going to be busy and so I thought that it would be better to get started on my projects now.

A few months ago, I started on my 3D war project which later on, now, after I FINALLY ordered 3D glasses of off Amazon, it actually was a success. 
Who would've thought in all of Houston, I couldn't find a place that sells the paper so I can make my own glasses.

So my work place is super messy but as a OCD person, I decided to clear it up so taking pictures would be waaayyyyy easier!
Look at the results!

Right now, short entries are all I got.
Not much is going on.
Till later.

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