Little Random Moments

So the past week has been hectic with all the moving finally getting done.
Re-buying new furniture has never been so hard, especially trying to find stuff that will stay for only 3 years..not even.
Not too crazy about IKEA stuff but it's cheap and with the right organizing it can look quite chic.

I have to say, I didn't get off on the right foot with my new white table as I bought a nail gun instead of screw drivers like instructed so I waited another good 24 hours till I could jump out to Kroger and buy a screw driver. (Yea...I don't have any fixing kits in the house.)
Then started working on the table from 10pm, thinking that Ill try to finish it within an hour or so. Ended up staying up till 2am. I under estimated how hard it is to screw a nail in..
Finally when I got to the last step... I accidentally missed a part and had to redo the last 5 steps. And yet, my bad luck didn't end there.. 2 of the nails got stuck together and there wasn't a way I could take them apart so had to wait for another 14 hours.
So a totally of 3 days, 1 bad case of anger, 2 cups of tea, a coffee and a lot of patience...

Well, I guess you can now put the pieces together and figure out that I'm not much of a handy person.

Got some new books to sit down to.
Books with a nice cover would defiantly make me happier though.. (Graphic Designer's problem)

But got distracted by a whole bunch of Ipad games like the Simpson's tapped out one.
(I actually waited 90 days for corn to grow, got so excited when I had only a day left till I could harvest it. And no, I'm not ashamed that I play those kind of games!)

So ending the post and the week with some pictures I took...
(on the white table I built. SO PROUD!)

Cup O' Macarons

and a cup of tea before bed

You can never have too much Sushi

Hopefully a more productive week awaits
For now,

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