So it's finally my last semester EVER in high school.
Yes I know that sounds pretty lame has it's only high school but honestly,
I . C A N ' T . W A I T

I've actually have not been doing anything on my blog since 2012 so I guess it's just really hard to sum up a whole two long years.
So many things have changed, from moving to different places, meeting different people.. and of course gaining weight because I need good food shots for my Instagram account.

Honestly moving to Houston isn't my choice but I grew to love this place. 
Meeting new people is for sure awesome but getting to create new bonds with new people is unbeatable. 
If you ask me what to do here, all I could tell you is shopping and going out to eat.
I've spent most of my time trying to find new restaurants in town, building up my taste journal so I've gotten super duper..and by that I mean Norbit fat.
And I know you people now a day only watch HD movies so let me refresh your memory.

Well I guess she just needs some moisturizing..ok maybe a bucket. 

And maybe.. I exaggerated a tiny bit. I'm like 140 pounds ( ~60kg) right now which is not too good for Asians honestly. You can't pull a fat one off, Asian chicks. Seriously.
The thing is I'm too busy for exercising (Kay. Maybe lazy too)
I made up my mind. I only go eat out on weekends. 
That didn't work out so well.

But that's not the point.
The point is I'll be updating the food places I go to every week (hopefully) to see what Houston has to offer. 

So it wasn't very current but it was within the 1 month span that I went to this chic Downtown cafe style kind of restaurant for a saturday date night. It was freezing I have to tell you that. But I took the chance to sit on the patio which was literally gorgeous. Well to what I've been seeing in Houston.

I haven't gotten enough to buy a DSLR so brace with my iPhone quality photos. 

I actually had no idea what I ordered since I just went with what was suggested but I'm certain it was lamb racks with asparagus and potato with cheese. I'm sure they have a fancy name for what I just listed but I like to get straight to the point. I was absolutely perfect.  

We didn't really make reservations so we didn't get the best seats that day but I'm actually happy that I got these seats so I'm not really bummed out.
I froze towards the end of the night so of course being the Asian I am, I ordered black tea with half and half. Guilty of making an awesome milk tea as charged (that's what people tell me so I'm gonna take a minute to be proud of myself)

I was kinda stuffed but I'm a fat kid that can't skip dessert so I always have that empty part in my stomach to order something sweet.
I was debating between the red velvet and the crème brûlée but we decided on the orange Crème brûlée since it made more sense that we could share (chocolate hater...BOO
Let's just say it wasn't the best of anything.
I'm not sure if I was just really full or if I just didn't like that orange texture mixed between the creamy buttery original taste.
I would definitely try it again on a more spacious tummy.

I love the setting but not so sure about the dessert I ordered.

This is for sure one of my most favorite places yet and I'll make sure to return when I have the time and maybe with a less camera shy buddy ;)

Well this wasn't named procrastinating for nothing. 
Back to homework. Boring. HATE IT. Homework

For now,

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