50 Reasons To Date or Not To Date a "Neat Freak"

Everybody has their flaws and their blessings, like for instance, I recently figured out I've been stuck with the most neatest person you can ever find!


So it's not like I didn't know it before, I just didn't ever think it would be to this extent! 
I find it too funny that people could freak out over such things. Don't get me wrong though; I freak out over the smallest things! From a clashing outfit to comic sans (goose bumps just thinking about it).

It would make sense for me to write a full blog post about the pros and cons of being with a neat freak - or how they would probably prefer it.. "clean". 


25 Pros To Dating A "Neat Freak"

  1. They will always clean the house/room for you.
  2. Everything will always be in order.
  3. Things will always be organized.
  4. Stuff in the place matches each other.
  5. You probably won't get a flu very easily since everything is disinfected. 
  6. No dusk bunnies on the floor.
  7. No yucky hair on the floor - or anywhere!
  8. Sinks/Toilets/Bathtubs will not have yellow stains.
  9. They will most likely scrub the toilet so you won't do it the "lazy" way.
  10. Laundry will always be fresh and folded.
  11. Dishes will be squeaky clean.
  12. Top of shelves or/and tall things will not be full of dusk.
  13. No spider webs. ever.
  14. No cockroaches or any nasty bugs. Thank the lord.
  15. Tables will not be sticky.
  16. Monitors will always be finger print free.
  17. Bed will be made.
  18. Cords will be organized and hidden out of sight.
  19. Chairs will be placed under the table.
  20. Shoes are alined.
  21. Laundry will be organized based on color/material.
  22. Foods are going to be thrown away when due.
  23. Trash will always be taken out before you can even smell it.
  24. You are never out of cleaning supplies.
  25. They won't make you clean anything, even if you do, they will go over it again..and again.

That was actually pretty fast since I have witnessed most of the things above. I am actually really thankful for everything since I am more of the lazy type that will only organize the stuff the way I want it but refuses to get down to scrub anything I sat on with my bare butt. (i don't know what I'll do without him.)

25 Cons To Dating A "Neat Freak"

  1. They think you're lazy.
  2. They think you're dirty, or more lovingly..not as clean as them.
  3. They move your stuff and you never can find it without asking them.
  4. When you ask them, they will give you a talk about out stuff lying all over the place.
  5. They often don't like pets or babies because of the mess.
  6. The bathroom usually smells like bleach for a whole day.
  7. The vacuum is on even if there's only a few cookie crumbs on the carpet.
  8. Furniture is often covered by something to prevent dusk. What are you? 90?
  9. Your house is like the cleaning isle in grocery stores.
  10. They refuse to let you buy random stuff. 
  11. They will most likely call you a hoarder when you ask for a reason to not buy random stuff.
  12. They throw alway your most treasured cargo pants from 1990s.
  13. They hate everything that has crumbs.
  14. They hate things that leave stains.
  15. The bed is made so you feel bad if you want to take a nap.
  16. Cords are hidden so you actually have to dig it up to unplug something.
  17. They hate it if you mess up the place after they clean it.
  18. They will resent you if you leave your stuff all over the place.
  19. Everything has to be their way.
  20. The house/room will smell like a hospital.
  21. Stuff will always be put in boxes with labels on them. You have to open a box to get to anything.
  22. You have to place things back after using.
  23. No smelly dishes allowed.
  24. They will probably have a stroke if you mess up anything after their cleaning spree.
  25. You can't leave finger prints on monitors. No touchy touchy.

Oh god that was actually a pain and I think I repeated some things a few times. I just feel really bad talking about the cons but what's true has to be said!

I just hope people realize that it doesn't matter what pros or cons it comes to dating a neat freak, or anyone that you truly think is good for you, and others think that too. People are actually never perfect though you might think that when you're too blinded to ever see else wise. Doesn't mean you don't love them, just try to look more into the pros than into the cons. :)

50 reasons to dating a neat freak. 
If you have more than 10 on both lists, you are probably a neat freak. 
Thank you, really, for being here, helping all the lazy ass people live in a clean environment. haha. 

all for now,

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