One On One

Well, nothing beats going to see a movie... ON A WEEKDAY.
Like seriously, I hate standing in line waiting for tickets then waiting for popcorn then when you actually get to go in the dark room, you have to stumble across everyone to find out that the seat you wanted was taken just because you needed to put butter on your popcorn.
After 3 tries, I've decided to only go to the movies on a weekday. ONLY. ON. WEEKDAYS. Well not friday, since when does friday even count as a weekday? I get traffic trying to go home at 2pm. Like for real people?

I'm a big fan for cartoons (can't you guess by the way my artworks look?) so I always try to make time for the new cartoons coming out in theatre.
Sherman and Mr Peabody is not what you call new, since it has been around for a while but the idea is so cute.
"If I boy can adopt a dog, I see no reason why a dog can't adopt a boy"
BAM. Right there. Reason to go see movie. LIKE NOW!

Personally, I love dogs so this was truly the movie for me. As digital wise, the movie was smooth and the wayback felt like a big giant jawbreaker (Like from Ed Edd n Eddy - 90s)
I guess I am happy that people go see movies on weekends to spare people like me who go see movies on weekdays. Thanks a bunch!

Can't believe how pixelated this image turned out to be

All for now,

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