The 5 Types Of Girls

Although people are their own individuals and it's hard to say that anyone is exactly the same as anyone else, I believe it's safe to say; everyone will fall under a category, whether it's just you, or you with a group of people who seem to be alike.

Throughout our entire lives, we meet, interact, love and even hate thousands, millions of people. It could just be a stranger you said hi to on the street, or it could be your childhood friend you've known since forever. Each face, no matter new or old is a new face; a new person.

It's been known that many guys nowadays are either complaining about their lack of relationships or just overwhelmed by how many they had or they're currently still facing. 

Honestly, I believe that there's a person for everyone, you may meet them at the right time if you're lucky, although some might not receive that luxury. 

Believe it or not, you could be standing face to face with the love of your life, but somehow fate (if you want to believe in such things) has a funny way of leading us down our paths. 
You could very well be stuck with the wrong person who you have thought to be "the one", later on finding out you were just blinded by love, it is your choice to work your way through, somehow find happiness; or you could let go and try something else.

No one can truly live your life for you. No one but YOU. YOURSELF.

Certainly the girl you meet could fall under many categories as venn diagrams but most certainly, it might not apply to every girl.


1. The girl you secretly had a crush on.

          She was the girl you grew up with. She was the girl you teased on but wouldn't let anybody else hurt her. She was the one you would daydream in class. She was the girl you doodled instead of taking notes. No matter in what situation, she was the girl of your dream. Every time she smiled, the world stopped. The heavenly smell she had when she walked pass you. She was perfect. At least, to you, at that time. She wasn't "THE ONE" since you never 
She was the girl you never had the guts to ask out. You thought she would never say yes. 
Truly every guy has had this type of girl at least once in his life. No matter what happened, she was always the one you look back several years, several girlfriends down the way and still think she's perfect.
It would make sense that you never got to know her like the way you see your girlfriend now, all greasy, licking ice cream of a spoon while crying to some chick flick she begged you to watch with her. She could be in that position but that would destroy the perfect image you have of her in your head.
You never had the guts to ask her out or you never chose to ask her out, fearing what you thought might be a complete nightmare.
She's always the one you had a crush on, nothing more, nothing less.

2. The girl you thought was perfect.

          She's hot. She's cute. She's perfect for me. You told yourself, your friends. She was the one who always gave you winks when she walked facing you. She was the one who brought the notes in when you were sick. She was the one flirting with you through her texts. She was "THE ONE". 
Or so you thought. 
Life is funny how it turns out later on. From someone you fell madly in love with and was willing to do anything for, they turned into someone who you're trying to explain to yourself why did you EVER think this would work out. 
You could deny it. But after a few heartbreaks and maybe some shocking "I'm home early" moments, you figure out that she falls under this category. 
It's true. People change. Some completely do a 180 degrees switch. Some change a bit less. No matter how much you want to ignore it, you can't run away from your own mind. You thought she was perfect and your babies would be perfect too. I might have went a bit far but you get the point :)
People don't plan accidents and people most certainly don't plan on getting hurt. She hurt you, made you question your own heart and mind.
On the bright side, you learn better not to trust, not to give your heart to the wrong person. 

3. The girl who thought you were perfect. 

          She could be the girl sitting right behind you. She's the one who brings you brownies and cupcakes because she hopes you will pay attention to her. She's the one who goes to all your games, all your tournaments, not because she has to but because she wants to. She was "THE ONE".
Maybe not for you. 
You could've broken her heart. People take things for granted or maybe you two were just never meant to be. Maybe you two did end up together, in that case, you are truly lucky. 
One thing I've always heard is that: Choose the one that loves you, not the one you love.
But life doesn't work that way, you can't just take things for granted and not give anything in return, it might sound like a good plan but it won't work for long.
No matter how much they love you, how much they thought you were perfect, they will leave you. And mock my words, it never works out.
She was the one who saw you as the coolest person alive, even when you think you're lame. It's funny how maybe you could be laughing at her when she thought you were laughing with her. I'm not saying guys are jerks, just that sometimes they are clueless. 
So instead of complaining you don't have anyone who loves you. Look around, if you're lucky, she might still be there.

4. A girl. Just a girl. 

          I'm not implying this to all guys but from what I know, at least 8 out of 10 guys have had that girl. It's just a girl. No she's not THE ONE. You know it but you still go for her. 
For her looks? For the lust? For her money?
She wasn't what you wanted to end up with, she was more of a place to crash before you reached your last destination.
Normally, guys have this girl because they say they want to "experience different people". Some tell the girl and she could agree that it is just a fun relationship, both of you aren't expecting a diamond ring at the end of the road nor exchanging vows. It is your life, no one is judging and if it's your choice and you get to choose, good for you.
Thought some are truly mean in a way they do not tell the girl, instead, they tell their guy group, and maybe some close female friends. They mock the relationship and treat love as a thing so easily to achieve, as if it was a game, not true feelings. I do wonder if you get bad karma but again, some people have the best in luck, playing around with love while others still struggling to just get a small taste of it.
Just imagine your close female friends or family if they were just a pit stop in another guy's track, would you be mad? 

5. The one.

          Although writing the worlds are so simple, the journey we take to maybe, just maybe end up with that right person is terribly hard, sometimes even impossible.
She was the one who gave you butterflies in your stomach on your first date, your first kiss. She was the one packing your lunch. She was the one who gave up some part of her dream to start a life with you.
True, she does sound like that girl who thought you were perfect but she is so much more than that. She's also the one you think is perfect. She was the crush but somehow you knew that letting her slip away would be the most stupid decision anyone could make so you gave it a shot. In some extreme cases, she was also just a girl, a girl you thought would leave no impact on you. Now you can't sleep until you've kissed her good night. 
She was all of the above but somehow it just felt like she was just her. A person. An individual. 
You love her with all your heart when she cuddles up next to you asking about your day. She's the one who made you watch the chick flick but somehow she ended up sleeping half way through. You had your ups and downs. If it was truly meant to be, she made you laugh, you cry, you worried sick to your stomach because you haven't heard back from her, and maybe literally since she tried to cook something new. 
Is she perfect?
I would hope the answer I get in return is no, at least not all the time.
Funny how every girl wants to find the perfect guy, but let's be honest. Would you rather read a book where nothing happens or would you rather follow the story, have your heart-stopping moments and then get to your ending? I would think the same goes for many guys. 
She's the one you trust your kids with, or maybe she's just the one you trust to spend the rest of your life with. 
Fights happen and people change. But if she truly is THE ONE, every time you look back at her, you would see again the person you fell in love with, no matter how old you grew, or how bad the fight was. 
True that happiness doesn't always come to all of us, at least not to those who don't try. But if you think you found it, hold on tight to it because it doesn't come around easily. 

Of course the 5 types of girls could be implied to girls as well knowing whatever it is, as long as you're happy, it's perfectly fine :)

It is sad that people some people find what they are looking for but would gladly throw that away while others are still looking for just a bit of what they had. 
But at the end of the day, it is your life and however you chose to live it, whatever decisions you make made your life the way it is now.

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