Bags. Beaches. Bowling.

As a HUGe part of growing up, I've always been a crazy super fan of the children's mystery series called
A to Z mysteries 
by Ron Roy
Loved them and I always begged dad to go find me the editions I didn't own yet to complete the collection when he went over seas to another barnes and noble place. I ended up collecting all the books, and later on the 5 special ones too. 
I'm spoiled like that.

He always matched the titles to whatever the alphabet was like Kidnapped King or Missing Mummy etc. 
Of course me being a complete freak that everything has to match (like seriously, if I have a pink pj shirt I better be wearing the same color pants at least, I just end up looking like a big blob of pink walking around haha) so that hit the weird OCD spot right away.

All that blabbering just to praise my title (I swear it just happened I actually didn't think of it being all Bs)  


So I've always been in love with the Celine luggage bags every since I first laid my eyes on them, of course owning them was pretty close to impossible since the reasons are as clear as crystal:
  1. Hard to find in Houston
  2. Impossible for a kid to pay for
  3. I have no where to wear it too

But I couldn't pass the opportunity when I saw one while walking to Neiman Marcus to exit the mall. 
It. Was. Perfect.
I thought I was never going to own it since the sales woman told me a couple came to look at it and asked to get it kept there for them to return later on in the day. 
I was jumping all over the place just to try to push my luck so I could somehow get the bag.
Long story short, I got it!

Don't mind me with the big bandaid and half curly half straight hair

I'm not the proudest person since I have to admit, with the money I made, I probably couldn't even afford to touch the bag let alone owe it.
So I'm just grateful that my parents let me have my graduation gift early.


I've always been afraid of beaches ever since natural disasters happened ( bless the people who had to deal with it personally) but I have to say, I'm a big beach person though I may not like nature that much.
Beaches have always been more of a calm place where you can just sit and smell the salt and dig your feet into the sand.
Also I LOVE LOVE LOVE seafood.
Yes me.
The girl who can't say no to food, especially fresh food!

So in celebration to the bag, I decided to bring it to the beach. Maybe I'm a bit cray cray but I've been known to keep stuff well after years and years of using it so don't worry!

The wind was freezing my butt off but it was still perfect

Ten little piggies went to the beach.

Walked 2 miles to get to the restaurant. in FLIP FLOPS.
I cannot stress how stupid I was doing that and I'm just grateful I didn't have nasty splinters at the end of the day, just small baby ones!
The food was worth it though!

Perfect day honestly.
I can't think of a better view.

Of course I can't miss out ferry rides with seagulls pooping all over the place but let me tell you, white blobs are not the ideal thing to take photos of so I'll just leave that one as a mystery for now.
I promise myself to try to have a beach day at least once very 2 - 3 months since it's such a stress relief and it's really good for your body and soul to enjoy the fresh air and long walks instead of sitting in air conditioning all day.
I'm fortunate enough to live about an hour away from Galveston so I just wanted to use it to it's full advantage.


I figured out I can be pro at something. Bowling.

I. S-U-C-K.

Even the guy at the place was like sorry maybe you're just not good at bowling after he tried to teach me how. It's fine since he put up the kids (under 12) fences for me to actually get some scores (sometimes I didn't even use that so HA.)
Not proud for sure but better than being the pathetic loser since everyone can see your score and giggle. Mind your own business people! I mean I do kinda sneak look at other people's scores and what they look like when they're playing and I don't know if it's just me but everyone looks super pro and actually get strikes.
I guess I just need more training before I can actually be able to say that I'm good at bowling.

Don't get me wrong, this happens to me in every sport, I thought mini golf was easy till I tried it and it turns out golf people need to make up another kind of name for a girl who takes 7-8 tries to get the ball into the hole. UGH.
well sucks to suck I guess.
Not that I'm being a sore loser or anything...

Nice bowling alley with friendly staff so I try to go every once in a while.
And yes Britney Spears Oops I did it again is playing.
I remember having to sneak watch Britney Spears as a kid since my mom wouldn't let me see it. Still ended up buying her live concert DVDs even though she refused to let me watch it.

So I guess that's my 3 Bs for this month.

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