Midterms and exams

It's been forever since a blog post which is funny how in life you get so caught up with all the events around you all happening or about to happen and you forget to step back and take a breath.
Or maybe a sigh.
Right now?
Probably a long sigh.


Yes. School is such a pain but don't we all LOVE going to school everyday?
Waking up at 6 A.M. I've completely lost my sense of fashion (that is if I even have one) and start counting down the hours till I get back home.
Ok. So maybe I'm exaggerating a tiny bit and complaining way too much about life.
The truth is I have only 3 hours of class every day from monday to thursday and basically get a 3 day weekend every week. Jealous?

The fact is, getting those free days off causes me to even slack off a bit more, thinking a have all the time in the world to finish my work before the due dates.
College exams are nothing I haven't had a hint of before.
IB, you have done your job.
But it's the fact that you have so much freedom that fails you.
Read the whole book to answer one multiple choice question. Seems fair enough, it is an exam anyways.
It does bring quite a bit of shock to you even though you're not that afraid anymore.

I, as the cheap shopaholic who likes to procrastinate by looking at the sale section instead of doing her work, found the absolute cutest candles on sale at Anthropologie.
But with candles, you know you can't just buy them online since you never know what the smell may be. So I wasted more time going to the store, actually picking it up and smelling it till I realized I have to stock up on these.
From a brand called Tea & Sympathy and they are actually made for Anthropologie so you can't get them anywhere else but there.
Let me tell you, it smells wonderful!
Sweet and just pure happiness in a tin can.
The design and so cute and I just grabbed 2 of the milk and cookies and of course, a coffe scented one. DUH.
That's it for my crazy candle excitement so don't you worry.

The best thing to do right now is to light a candle; your favorite scent and just bury yourself in books or just simply relax before a big day. 

Happy reading,

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