Sephora Haul

I've always had the worst skin conditions ever and it's been a long battle between me and my skin which is actually really costly.
I do envy people who can just buy any make-up and make it work but unfortunately, that's not my case.

It's been a roller coaster and even going to see the dermotologist didn't really help with my skin problems.

I'm not a make-up person, since I'm rather lazy in the morning and I like sleeping way better than caring if I look like a zombie walking to class.
Some days, you just want to look nice so people won't wonder if you're the undead.

I've tried to get my make-up from well-known shops just because I trust that the ingredients are what they really are and really, I just can't afford to test stuff out. Usually I get my stuff at Sephora since they're probably located at every big shopping center in Houston and they have really friendly staff - most of the time I've been there.
This, by far is my most happiest buy since I've been shopping there.

I bought some facial masks, a compact bb cream, loose powder, a mini moisturizer, a mini mud mask jar, liquid eyeliner and a kabuki brush.

(I don't have the decent video editing skills as I do for pictures so I'm not so confident doing video hauls)

1. The Too Faced kabuki brush 

Where do I even start with this brush.
At first, I bought it to go along with my loose powder because I saw Alex (hrh collection) take about it in her recently videos and I really wanted to give it a try. 
What can I say?
It's the most softest thing every, it reminds me of all my teddies combined and I feel weird when I say this but I find myself constantly feeling it hahaha. Whatever. I'm already weird.
It's a really good investment and I think it looks adorable with the pink packaging and the little teddy there.
I'm really worried I'll ruin it when I clean it but hopefully baby shampoo will keep it as it is.
This is worth the money I paid for it  (I think it was $38 + tax).

2. Kat Von D. tattoo liner

To be honest, I wasn't really looking for a liner when I bought this.
I was happy with my combination of the M.A.C and Chanel one. (pencil liner first then liquid liner, it really helps keeps everything in place forever!)
I'm a sucker for good and easy eyeliner and I was going to purchase the new benefit cosmetics one but I was talking to people and they all suggested me to get this one because apparently, it stays on, and it's easy to apply.
I bought it to test it out and it really is easy. I could draw very thin lines with no hassle. It stayed on even after I shed some tears (chopping onions for dinner) and through all the sweatiness caused by the lovely sun. 
However, sometimes, the liquid doesn't really come down so I wish they had a function where I could control that.
It was though, worth the price ($18) so I'm planning on keeping it.

3. Karuna face masks

I bough these because I tried on the green one once and I really like the packaging (I'm a sucker for nice pretty packaging. Not gonna lie, it effects my decision whether or not I buy it most of the time).
However, it wasn't a pleasant event in the past. Maybe it was because my skin was already sunburnt and had zits but putting it on caused my skin to break out a bit. When I went back for some other masks to try on, the Galleria store didn't have them anymore so I jumped when I got them at Memorial and decided I'll give it another try.
I have yet to use any (I'm a bit afraid it will cause my skin to break out again) but I will in the near future test them out to see.
If you don't have sensitive skin like me, I guess you should try it out just because it will maybe work for you. It just didn't do wonders for me the first time though.
Each was $8 but I think if you get a pack, you get more of a bargain. 

4. Hope in a jar from Philosophy. 

I actually came across this trying to find a good way to make my sunburns go away. I don't actually recall where I saw the video that led me to this product but back then, since I had my La Mer jar, I didn't really want to invest money in another one.
I still haven't actually used up my La Mer one so I bought this mini jar to test it out while I was waiting to be checked out.
Let me tell you, it really is what the name says it is. The moisturizer didn't cause any break outs, I could tell my skin was loving it since it has never been smoother.
The only down side to this is that the smell isn't very pleasant. Many people have said they can't stand it but me, I finally found a moisturizer that suits my skin so I'll just suck it up. I have to right?
This tiny jar is about $15 but I'm sure I won't be using it up anytime soon so for now, it's well worth my money and I'm so happy, if only the smell was a bit more pleasant.

5. Glam Glow mud mask

I've got so many suggestions I should use this but I actually haven't got a chance to test it out yet since I'm still really happy with my Boscia peel off masks.
I think it'll be nice when I do because many have told me it works wonders for skins.
Once again, it was a long line and I was just spending some time browsing through the travel mini samplers. I love tiny versions of stuff. Don't judge.

6. BareMinerals Blemish Remedy and Dr. Jart BB cream

So I don't know why I photographed these two together but I will update this post and talk about each one separately.

For the bareMinerals blemish remedy, it's a loose powder that actually works well with your acne or blemishes. However, if you're looking for full coverage, it doesn't actually cover much but if you only have a few spots you can cover up with concealer, it actually is a really good cover. It's super light and since I don't like cake-y makeup, I'm currently in love with it. My skin has been pretty good after I've been pairing this up with the jar of hope above so it's been a smooth flight trying to put on makeup every morning.

The BB cream. I actually bought it because of the way it comes when you use it. It's not like your typical BB cream or foundation you squeeze out but instead, it comes out just like a setting powder, with a sponge for application and a mirror. It's such a nice design for lazy people such as myself since there's no hassle with dirty fingers or brushes, you just use the sponge to apply it and the sponge itself is super easy to clean. It doesn't give you much coverage but I think it doesn't cause my skin to break out like some foundations so I like it. It's a bit more cake-y than the powder but this is a more thick application. 

(I will add pictures of the two separately but for some reason I haven't had the time to take them now)

I haven't written a blog post in quite awhile and since I have a bit of free time on my hands (between exams) I wanted to share this in case anyone wanted to know some info about products that works with troubled skin.

All for now,

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