Pumpkin Day

Pumpkin Days are always my favorite.
It means not only am I closer to thanksgiving/winter break but the weather is always just right.
You can put on a pair of jeans and pair it with absolutely anything, from a tank top to a big sweater. You're never overdressed nor underdressed

Not to mention, pumpkins are the best natural photo shoot place that basically everything just goes together and screams fall.

I was planning my outfit before the day, wondering if I should go in boots and a sweater but I'm so happy I didn't because the heat was just too much since I wanted to get there at 10 when it first opened. It got very very hot when noon came and I actually began to regret my choice of bringing a cardigan as I didn't have hands to carry it but I also didn't want to just drag it along. I ended up tying it to my bag and it kept falling out which was not a good scene. *Note to self, no cardigans next year*

The sun was shinning beautifully on Saturday when I went and it was just the right temperature, as long as you were in a cool shade, you would feel the instant breeze blowing towards you keeping you chill so there were no sweat stains on my shirt. (The shirt is 100% rayon so you could definitely see any sort of liquid).

I was planning on going with my new Tory Burch boots which I am currently in love with but I didn't want to risk the chance of getting it dirty (even though I sprayed it) and I haven't exactly broken them in yet (imagine the pain of walking for 4 hours). I actually don't wear chucks anymore but I keep them stacked up in the garage (Oh Tami!) and since there was about 30 different pairs, I didn't even remember I had this basic pair which not till right before I got in the car I found. I think it paired up nicely with the outfit as it tied the whole outfit to be a bit country wise and not to formal for just a farm.

The degrees right now in Houston is about 66 - 82F (19 - 28C) so you could imagine that this was a fit outfit for walking around in a farm.

I would advise you to bring a hat since the top of my head was burning and of course, a pair of sunglasses! 
I actually, like the clumsy person I am didn't put on sunscreen (I didn't actually forget, I just didn't like the stickiness of sunscreen but I've yet to found one that isn't super sticky) so when I got back, I was and still am probably 2 shades darker than my normal skin).

Lastly, always to remember to bring a bag you feel comfortable carrying, I didn't actually want to drag along a huge bag that would tire my shoulders so I brought my LV cross body called the Favorite MM bag and it fits everything from my keys to wet wipes to even a bottle of water! 
(I will probably do a what's in my bag next)

I actually had a really nice day enjoying kids activities (when we got our wrist bands, the lady was like tell your kids to put them on now and it was so awkward we had to tell her no it was for us - huge adults) but who cares really, we had fun. 

Got some "treasures" mining this box (Loose terms but really I don't know what I'm even saying)

Went to what they called "Pumpkin Hollar" and it was filled with craved pumpkins being lit up.

We went on a few rides and walked around and before we knew it, we had already spent 3 hours there so it was time to go home. 
I was however determined to go pick flowers which later on I had to grow away because the amount of bees and bugs I just didn't want them in my car.

We went flower picking right before we got some food and left to go home.

It was a great day, well spent and worth the money so if you're in Houston, give it a try.

Wearing: Free People's Lace Trim Handkerchief Hem Tank, color Cherry/ Abercrombie & Fitch Skinny Jeans, Medium washed/ Chuck Taylor Classic Colors, Navy.

I have a set of jewelry that I put on everyday consisting of: Tiffany Rings and Necklace/ Burberry watch/ Louis Vuitton bracelet. (Which well get a closer look in upcoming blogposts).

The tank was a bit sheer and revealed a lot behind my back and the sides but nothing a bralette can't fix (if you prefer, a cami would do a great job too). I love the cherry color as it fits perfectly with the fall colors and would still make you stand out from all the other fall colors happening around. Needless to say, it paired up perfectly with the pumpkins.

For the jeans, really since the boyfriend jeans didn't give me the vibe I was going for, I ended up getting skinny jeans since went being put on, they looked like boyfriend jeans but with that tight grab and slim shape.

The chucks were a simple add to tie the outfit together, bringing the casual look to the tank and jeans. While you won't have to worry about damaging it, it gives the outfit that country feel while still being energized, ready to go instead of being way too dressed up.

My nail color were the same shade of red as the shirt, which I've been sporting all fall since I got it. It just gives it that nice fall feel.

This post is a bit late since pumpkin day was yesterday but I'm happy it went up anyways.

Happy be-lated pumpkin day,

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