Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! 

I'm not up to much this halloween as so I didn't even go get a costume.
I guess I just wanted to cuddle up in a blanket with a warm cup of tea and watch some Peanuts.
I love "It's the great pumpkin, Charlie Brown" so much that I themed BunBun's (my guinea pig) halloween photo just like it.

I call it: Bun Bun and the Great Pumpkin!

I didn't find any costumes for myself but I have some ideas for next year in mind (some great DIY blog posts too!)
However, it was a bit easier to find some costumes for Bun Bun, though he doesn't really have the need for any candy

No make-up me and Bun Bun as a pumpkin, my pumpkin :)
It barely fits him

Bun Bun as the chubbiest bee I've ever seen in my life
He wasn't really happy about the outfit so we took it off right away

I'm not so sure about other animals but for guinea pigs, they really don't like to have tight outfits on them and I've read somewhere that it shortens their life span if you keep dressing them or putting leashes on them so I just put costumes on for a picture and took it right off.
It was really tight on him since he's about 3lbs now (he's 9 months old) and I think I'll have to get him small dog costumes next year because he really is too big now.

Happy halloween,
Hope everyone is having fun dressing up and getting lots of candy :)

Bed stand for Halloween
(I change it accordingly)
Lamp: IKEA/ Frame: Michaels/ Charlie Brown Plush: TY/ Tissue box, candle, glitter pine tree, flower and white pumpkin: Target

Once again,
Happy Halloween,

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