Places - Bird Bakery in San Antonio, Texas

Now, with social media on the top of our heads, it's always so important for us to find cute, unique places or you know, those "Instagram worthy" photography locations. Don't worry, we've all been there (if not still lurking). I decided maybe since my blog is just all over the place, why not actually go all over the place?
So, I'm going to start talking about locations around Houston (since I live here) and around the places I've been too that I think is worthy of a share.
I moved to Houston in 2012, so it's still safe to say I'm not that familiar with ALL the places around Houston. However, when I first moved here, I didn't drive and I don't really do much so all I did was shop (whether it was for groceries or the mall). Sadly, probably nothing has changed (you can see me strolling down the isles of grocery stores and doing quick mall runs still) but I would say, the biggest plus is that Houston is so huge, there are tons of great coffee shops, dessert shops and restaurants just waiting to be found.
I will admit that when I first moved here, boy did everything look sad (sorry). Everything is so apart and because the city itself is huge, it takes at least 20 - 30 minutes driving to get around so unless you know where you're headed towards, it's hard just to cruise down the streets and suddenly stop for some coffee (unless Starbucks is your call).

It's sort of ironic how I decided to start this whole series with a location from San Antonio rather than Houston. But rest assure Houston will be so frequent you'll probably ask yourself: "Does this girl even get out?".
All that aside, Places series will just be about my experience and findings of local (or not) well.. places that I adore.
I think it's mainly a collection of my favorite places and something just to prove the Texas isn't all BBQ and Tex-Mex like I thought it was first coming here. (Oops.)


San Antonio, Texas.

(We were in a hurry due to traffic and me taking forever at Buc-ees so the best I could do was get togo cupcakes and pose really quick outside of the bakery - I promise my writing isn't as lousy as my photography plans... maybe.)

I found this bakery rather randomly.... watching cupcake wars on TV.
The owner was one of the judges and she was just gorgeous. So of course, if you can look great, you can bake great right? LOL. I searched up her bakery on Instagram (because where else would I go to look at all the best pictures?)
Let me tell you,
I will tell you some bakeries/restaurants are NOT love at first sight, I grow to love them or just love them after I actually get there. This bakery stole my heart.
The decor, it gives you that country-side-backyard-organic-fresh feeling.
Honestly it really felt like those time management games I've been in love with and still in love with all these years. So this was definitely worth a try.
I mean we were headed to San Antonio for a soccer tournament anyways. Why not, right?

When you first step in the store, the decor is welcoming and it has that nice warm glow to it (probably because of the string lights hung above and all the neutral, pastel colors?)

Since this was my first time here, I had no idea what flavor was what and how it would come about to order. Of course, there's a huge display case of cupcakes that lead right to the cashier. I stood there for a while and no one asked me anything. I was a bit confused and to be honest, pretty frustrated (because they were just pushing us aside and taking care of the other people). But soon after they realized no one had helped us, they quickly fixed the problem.
Since I wanted to make sure I got the little egg carton that held cupcakes, I HAD to ask them how I could make that possible. I mean it is called "bird" right? You can't just not get the egg carton cupcake box. DUH.
It turns out of you get half a dozen or a dozen of (mini) cupcakes, they come in the egg carton. THANK GOD.
I can never finish a big cupcake by myself so this was perfect!

If you order half a dozen, the egg carton you get is literally a normal carton sawed in half so you can see a bit of your last 2 cupcakes sticking out (no biggie though)
I really wish I had more time to actually sit and get coffee/tea at the place but since I was in a hurry and they didn't seem to make ice coffee? - I asked the girl and she pointed straight to their cooler that contained those coffees in the can (it took me forever to find since I thought it was a carbonated drink - silly me right?). Honestly, I wanted them to actually just give me hot coffee over ice but maybe I wasn't really making myself clear? Coffee is still coffee though so I don't really mind. Nothing a little cream and sugar can't solve ;)
Since I didn't get any cupcakes and was too busy looking around, the verdict I heard is, good cake but not the best frosting. (Don't take my word for it I didn't manage to get any :(. Maybe next time, Tami.)

Overall, I think for this post, it isn't one of my strongest because I wasn't thinking of recording this at all. All I really wanted was to get those egg carton cupcake boxes. It's the tiny little things that make you oh so happy I guess.
Generally, I just loved the whole decor and I feel like I'm in the Anthropology of Bakeries. (Just a fun fact, if you order hot coffee in store, they will give you those cups that are actually being sold in Anthropology with the letter B).
If I could just live in a bakery, it probably would be this one. That's how much I LOVE the decor.
(again sorry for literally no pictures of anything but some cupcakes!)
The only thing I would do next time (and hopefully update the blog post) is actually sit there and eat.

If you get a chance, maybe visit and tell me how it went so I can at least see how the cupcakes were :(

All for now,

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