Valentine's Day Outfit

Happy Valentine's Day!
Or basically, my only day in the whole year where I have an excuse to dress in pink and red

Since dresses aren't really my thing, I've been saving up this boat neck half sleeve for a special day. Stripes can make you look a bit bigger so I try and make it the under layer as well as being the only pattern on my outfit (tucking in the corner of the shirt helps elongate the legs as well as clean up the boxy shirt). White jeans are a must, matching with the white stripes and making sure the outfit is still soft while not being overpowering. Just to give it the illusion of longer legs, I always roll up my jeans, creating a cuff sometimes will seem as if your leg is a few inches longer (a little white lie didn't hurt anyone, right?)
Because the weather in Houston isn't cold but hasn't really warmed up yet, a soft wool cardigan will definitely pull the look together and make sure to keep you warm and cozy! 
I went with 4" booties that had a thick heel just to make sure I could walk in them without falling all over the place, if your day ends with a cozy picnic night, I would suggest bringing some comfy shoes (in my case I brought my Classic Ugg Mini Boot in chestnut)
Finally, a good bag would certainly tie your outfit together and help you packs all those essentials!
Since most, if not all of the things in this photo have been in my closet for over the years, it's hard to find the exact link to them but I tried to find the closest products that would replace it!

Bag: Céline Luggage Micro Red // (mini)
Sunglasses :

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