Dermstore's Beauty Fix January Subscription Box Review

To start off the new year, I decided to try out a new beauty subscription box and see if it could compare to the Sephora Play box (if you want to try it out, comment your email and I will add you to the friends list, just to maybe boost you up to the top of the wait list).
I recently found out about Dermstore's Beauty Fix box through Karuna, a brand that specializes in masks, from hand masks to face masks (blog post up soon about their new hand, foot mask).
I though I would give it a try. The price it a bit more than Sephora's Play ($10), being at $34.95 one time buy for $24.95/month. It does sound pricey but if it is your first time trying it out, the price lowers down to $12.50 and throw in another 20% when you sign up for the newsletter, the price goes all the way down to $10. Yipee!

Link to read more about the box:

So after ordering it, I received my January box within a couple of weeks. One thing I would have to say is that I hated the tracking system. I had no idea where my box was and every time I had to check on it, even having the tracking link in my email, I would have to sign in. But obviously, because I received my box, it isn't such a big deal. Key is to be patience and it'll pop up just like a surprise gift!

The box has a patterned design with the main colors being black and white and a pop of orange. Guessing by the website, it's the same design for every month. Once you open the box, you're greater with "Go Ahead, Be Beautiful" and I have to say that I love the font! Tucking everything in place is orange tissue paper. 

For packaging, everything inside the box seems well put together, the shampoo and the primer had a box, all the other products were sealed tight and the mirror was wrapped in bubble wrap. (I took everything out for the purpose of this picture)

As for the contents of the box. I would say that what attracts me most to subscription boxes are the brands I know. Don't get me wrong, new brands are always wonderful to try out, but if within the box, there wasn't anything that seemed familiar, I would probably think twice before getting it. The best thing I thought about for this month was the mini mirror. I mean i've heard of samples of products but a mirror? Whaaaatt? Talk about a game changer right?!

To be honest, I thought the mirror would be a little bit bigger but I do understand that the fact that the box contained a mirror at all was kind of amazing!

The mirror from Danielle Creations - Chrome mini mirror is truly "mini". However, it's truly well made and has one side of 4x magnification! (For another mirror from this brand, click,

The next thing that I would have to say I love love love in this box is the Karuna hand mask!

It's AMAZING (a Karuna separate post will be up soon!) I've mentioned Karuna masks in a old post, long long ago about how their masks didn't make me break out and I love the packaging! So obviously, I was excited to get the hand mask! The hand mask is the best for at home pampering. I've used it before it got released and you could still be on your phone, typing work and after a new minutes, your hands are soft and smell amazing!

The last brand I know from this box was Peter Thomas Roth, with the acne stickers (

To be honest, I think maybe U.S. is a bit slow when it comes to beauty trends. I remember using these acne stickers from Korean beauty brands since I was starting High School, so many years ago. Nonetheless, I am very excited to try these out because I've owned almost everything acne that Peter Thomas Roth has! The sample contains 12 dots which is good for 12 pimples! Or at least 12 times on the same pimple (knock on wood). 

Now on to the new brands I have not yet heard of.

Tarina Tarantino - Pearl Glow Luminizing Primer in Pearl (

I'm not so sure about the primer. You get a (full size?) primer in the color pearl. It is very very very very loose.

When trying it on my hand, it just went all over the place because I didn't realize how watery it was. Another thing is I hated the smell. And normally if I hate the smell, it's not going on my face. This would probably be a miss for me. Sad, since it was a full size product.

Medicell Labs - hydrating Calming Facial Mist (

I've been into the whole facial mist trend since a few years ago when my face was constantly dry throughout the day and I there were times when applying moisturizer by hand was not the best option. I was excited to try this mist out. It did go all over the place, after a few squirts it finally became a mist. I enjoyed the smell and the size is very decent, as you can carry it in your bag and still have enough product inside to last you a good amount of time.

June Jacobs - Papaya Purifying Enzyme Masque (

I love love love Papaya and this is probably the first time I've seen it being incorporated into a face mask. The smell of this mask is lovely. The size I would say is a deluxe sample size and could last you a few times. The only thing is that I've never heard of this brand before this so I'm a bit hesitant to try it out just because of my sensitive skin :(

Arcona - Magic White Ice (

It's supposed to be a moisturizer in a gel form? The tube is small but I don't think you need a lot of product to cover your whole face. The smell isn't very strong so it wouldn't be too much on your face. It also feels very light weight.

The last product in this box is a shampoo from DS Laboratories (

It claims to help you get fuller hair. The shampoo itself inside is a very dirt like orangey color. The smell is definitely very strong, almost like those medical shampoos. I'm very scared to try this out actually since my hair is already pretty damaged and the smell is something I wouldn't want my hair to smell like for the day. Not so sure about this product. The size is a decent travel size which is exactly 3.4 oz or 100 ml. However, the expiration date for mine is 10/2016 so I have roughly 9 months to try it out before it expires.

Calculating the price

Danielle Creations mini mirror : $14.99
Karuna skin hand mask: $9.50
Peter Thomas Roth acne-clear dots : $6.00 ($12.00 for 24 dots)
Tarina Tarantino primer: $32.00
Medicell facial mist: $13.95
June Jacobs papaya mask: ~ $8.37 ($62.00 for 3.7oz)
Arcona magic white ice: ~ $11.84 ($42.00 for 1.17oz)
DS Laboratories shampoo: ~ $15.81 ($4.65 for 1oz)

It says on the site that total retail values at $100+ which is true since roughly the total above is $112.46 for January's box.
However, because I don't use all of the above, $24.95 a month depending on the products I actually like seems a bit steep compared to other subscription boxes that are $10 a month. I think however, it's a bargain if you get it the first time for roughly $10.

(Yes i reused this gif because I spent way too much time making it LOL)

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