My Top 5 Favorite Facial Mists

Do you ever sit through a whole day working and feeling your face get burnt off by the dreadful light of your computer screen?
Have you ever gone hiking or strolling outside under the sun and feel your face also melting?

Don't you wish you could just splash water on your face but when looking around, you either:

(A) are in the middle of a park and the closest water source is a puddle that may or may not be filled with germs (just kidding, it most certainly has germs and only germs, there ain't no minerals in there!)


(B) are in a public space where the only source of water comes from the public bathrooms where they want to be eco friendly and decided paper towels must go so after your face is soaking wet and you reach for a paper towel, none can be found so your only solution to getting a dry face to walk outside in public without looking like a freak is to wipe it on your shirt (or in desperation, CLEAN toilet paper) but then since all the people in line to use the bathroom are waiting for you, you have to pretend to sneeze and wipe your face to look less gross. (may or may not be a true story. LOL)

It seems that you are in luck!

Thanks to the advancements of technology in the twenty-first century, 
designed for your convenience,
in no way making you look weird for spraying stuff onto your face,
with little to a lot of scent to annoy the people around you,

ok fine, facial mists are not that new and literally everyone has one or at least have heard of them (if not, have you seen the scene in Lilo & Stitch where Stitch doesn't behave and Lilo just decides to squirt him with water - it's basically the same concept but in better intentions? and better, more expensive containers. LOL)

So I've been in love with them ever since I've had my horrible skin problems and had to figure out a way to stay moisturized throughout the day.
After trying different mists from different brands, I decided to list out my top five that I love and use on rotation.

In a decreasing order, number 1 being the one I love the most and 5 being my least favorite out of the five. And you might notice that I like to mention price and calculate the worthiness of the price or not. You can never have too much money :)

1. CLINIQUE Moisture Surge Face Spray (
 ($23 for 4.2 fl. oz. so roughly ~$5.47/ fl. oz.)

        I would like to start off by saying this mist worked miracles for me months ago but lately has been quite stingy and sticky (it burns my face at times and leaves my face feeling sticky and not fresh).

        However it stays a lot longer than other facial mists. For example, when I spray another mist, it feels so good literally the moment the spray hits my face but after a few minutes, my face feels incredibly dry and I would have to keep respraying to make sure I feel refreshed - which in my case, the life of the sprays don't last very long and I constantly have to restock them again and again within a month or two, could be harmful to your budget.

        The price on the product isn't too crazy and to be honest I've gone through three of them in almost a year? Obviously not bad. The reason I love this moisturizer the most is because of the ability to moisturize your skin just by spraying! I know you may think that oh, all of the sprays refreshes your face, but I've actually tried so many and this on actually does provide the ability to moisturize your skin - hence the stickiness feeling. My face so dry during very single day of the year (because of the acne products I use) so for my worst days, I actually apply 2 layers of moisturizer before I leave the house and I constantly have to reapply throughout the day if I don't want to feel like a walking mummy. This sort of eliminates the factor of carrying a container of moisturizer with you everywhere and touching your face with your hands. The design is a plastic bottle with a sheer pink color and the logo in silver. Not much creativity super artistic drawings on the spray but I do love the pink color very much. 

        Overall, I think this would be my number 1 because the price isn't too crazy, it comes in a easy travel friendly packaging (plastic) however I don't think it's allowed on planes because it is 4.2 fl. oz. So maybe not the best for flights. It moisturizes your skin and theres a bit of a smell when it first hits you but I got used to that and I'm sure if you use it long enough, the smell will kind of just turn into nothing. I would saw go for it if you have used the brand before (I used to use their line of acne solving products but I just grew out of them).

2. CAUDALÍE Grape Water Harvest (
($22 for 6.7 fl. oz. or $13 for 2.5 fl. oz)

        The pricing to me doesn't make any sense because of how the pricing is, the bigger version is $22 for 6.7 fl. oz. which makes it roughly $3.28/fl. oz. while the smaller version retails at about $13 for 2.5 fl. oz. which almost doubles the price to $5.2/fl. oz. WHAAATTTT? Pretty crazy right? So if you know FOR SURE you like raisins, buy the bigger version to get your money's worth. Don't be like me and buy the tiny version to test it out then to eventually finding out that I paid almost double for what I could've paid for less. SIGH. However, I still believe out of the five, if you buy the 6.7 fl. oz. version, you will ultimately get the BEST DEAL! 

        Now that I got the most confusing part out of this review of this product, I can actually talk about how much I like it. So i'm not a HUGE raisins fan but I do love fresh grapes, this to me smells completely 100% like those raisins you would get in your lunch box when you were a kid and not at all like any other grape products, doesn't even smell like grape juice. But honestly, raisins are grapes so I guess I would give them a pass on the whole smell detector test. The spray compared to all the others is a lot lighter, essentially a mist that barely seems like anything but once it hits you, it actually does drench a bit (if you spray like half the bottle at a time like me, you'll look exactly like you just stuck your head out of a window while it was raining). 

        For me personally, the spray dries up super fast and I don't know if it's just because my skin is dry or is it because of the formula. However, I think in the case that you are buying the larger version, I would believe you would get more uses out of it to keep your face refreshed compared to the tiny travel version I bought. Even though it says on the bottle that it hydrates, I'm not sure if it's the best product for the job.

     This grape water spray is perfect for traveling because it comes in two different sizes and obviously the 2.5 fl. oz. version is designed for just that. The bottle itself is very cool as in cold because I read it contains nitrogen? (I mean I'm terrible at chemistry so I don't know if that's why it's so cold when you touch it or not. Sorry) It seems to be in a steel? like bottle so it's always lower than ran temperature (so on those hot desperate days, you can just push it against your face. YAY for germs!) I love the design even though when I first bought it the grape looked like dried up human fingerprints but that's just me being creepy; the over all design is very chic and the brand is known for the color green so it stays true to the brand :) Buy and test it out if you like the smell of raisins/grapes, if not, I'm not 100% sure you would want to spray it all over your face, you know, where your nose -  the only part of your body that can smell, is.

3. EVIAN facial spray (
($7/bottle so $1.78/oz ; normally you will see it being sold in sets of 2 or 3)

       For this mist, the prices differ a bit from store to store, some selling them at $8 while others go for $7 or $7.50. It's super weird considering all the stores I looked at were pretty big stores (you would think that they would match the price right?! NOPE.) I would say $7 is a right price because it was $7 everywhere when I first bought it before the prices differed. 

       I love this product so much but because it's tiny and when I say tiny I mean use it within a good few weeks or so and it will be gone!
I love Evian water because I think they have the best packaging for their bottles out in the water market (something about pink I guess) so when I found out they had a facial spray I was SO EXCITED.

       However guys, this is literally just spraying water on your face, the contents printed on the bottle literally is just water and nitrogen. there is no extra anything to make your face sticky or there's no special smell to it. I personally love it because it's just a cute bottle that has no smell and is extra cooling. But beware, it isn't a slight gentle mist, this spray legit hits you in the face - it reminds me of the scene in Lilo & Stitch every single time I use it. When people see me using this, they always suggest be just washing my face since it's the same thing but THEY DON'T GET IT. (gotta pay extra for that nitrogen aqua right? LOL it comes in a super chic bottle so.... gimme 10. DUH)

       I mentioned before that this gets used up very fast especially if you follow the label that suggests you use it "several times a day". If you follow their suggestion, you will end up probably using up the whole tiny thing in ONE day. That's probably why they are always sold in packs but do not fear, in many places I found them to be sold separately and one could pay less than $10 for the experience before dropping $20 - $30 or more. I love it but I do think the price tag is a bit steep for water in a tiny bottle so it might not be for everyone.

4. TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL aqua gel mist (
 ($20 for 3.38 oz so ~$5.90/oz)

     Of course a Korean brand had to be included because it is the new hype in US right now. I couldn't find this product anywhere else but on the Sephora website (where I bought it) so I'm wondering if it was exclusively only in Sephora? 

     I just bought it the other day so of course I can't talk about my long term based feelings and thoughts about it but it's number 4 just because I do like it a lot. 
     The name causes a bit of a pause when you first hear it but cm'on, it's from a brand called "too cool for school"; maybe they were also too cool for an english class but let's not be judgy. BUT. when you actually look at the product, the liquid inside of the bottle is actually.... GEL. WHAAAATTTTT? I know, it's pretty weird. I guess someone didn't fail chemistry in high school like a certain someone (me.sadly.)

It's so cool how it transforms from gel to mist (hey, i'm not excellent in chemistry so let me be!) This one different from a few above actually has a terrifying long list of what it contains and quite frankly, they lost me at the second row as soon as chemistry words started to flow in. Because it is filled with chemical ingredients to miraculously transform such magic, it has a bit of a fragrance smell to it, a little bit more than a bit and I think it covers up chemical smells? I haven't gotten used to it but it's not a harsh smell, it's just a bit of a lingering smell that stays a bit longer than the mist.

The design is very cute, very doodle-ish and I think it's a great look for something that isn't too serious, it is a mist you spray on your face after all :) But I think the biggest flaw for this design is that it doesn't exactly stand out on the shelves so you would have to be looking for it in the first place to maybe catch it.

It isn't my favorite obviously because of the fragrance smell and the price but I think if you're embracing the whole Korean skin care trend that's been going on, you'll like this product just because it's pretty cool, very Korean :)

5. CAUDALÍE Beauty Elixir (
($18 for 1 fl. oz. so literally $18/ fl. oz.)

Ok, last on the list guys. I mean there's a lot more than I've tried but these would be my top five reoccurring.

For this product I think, for obvious reasons, it is the most expensive out of the five. You pay almost $20 and get 1 fl. oz. of product. However, this was the first facial mist I've ever bought because of the quality.

Let me start off first with the bottle itself. It's a thick glass bottle with a metal cap. The bottle itself is very heavy compared to all the other bottles (even though it has the least product inside) so it seems very sturdy. I've brought it along with me and carried it around multiple times, haven't had an accident so I doubt it'll break unless you actually put force and try to.

The smell. The smell is like you're standing in the middle of an herb garden and a strong wing blows by. It literally smells so amazing. I will admit that at first, when I first tried it, I wasn't too sure about the fragrance just because I like light and airy smells and this is a very "in your face" sort of smell that stays on for a while before fading away. In the worst thing to me about this product is, sometimes it actually stings. I'm saying this because I've first handedly experienced the sting after i sprayed my face. However, I'm not sure if it was because of the nature of my skin or was it just a reaction I had.

For me, this Beauty Elixir could be a hit or miss because of the price, the smell and the practicalness of the design. If you're looking for something quite lux and like a strong smell, I would say give it a try but if if you're trying to stay budget friendly and would rather have little to no fragrance then I really don't recommend this product.

So that pretty much sums up my top 5 most favorite facial mists (at the moment).
Did I help you solve your problem of facial mists? Probably not but it's ok. 

All for now,

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