Complaints - Nike Thea running shoes from UO

     I honestly complain way too much that I should probably just start a segment for my complaints!

     So recently, I've been shopping for new sneakers since the last time I bought new sneakers was probably a year ago (valid excuse I believe)
     Nike has always had my favorite sneakers (though I have watched the documentaries about there factories) but they are expensive!
     I've gone through my fair share of runners, roshes, air maxes, internationalists and everything in between. I'm not completely sure if the Thea is new but I've only seen it recently and I love the form of it! It honestly feels like a mix between air max and a bit of nike free. I LOVE IT!

I decided to place my order after debating between which color I should've gotten since they had a pretty lavender color (spoiler alert I bought that as well so I will review that too) and grays and a whole bunch of my favorite colors. I ended up buying some that were labeled "mint" and I do love my mint blue colors so I thought it was the shoe for me. Oh boy if only I knew what I had just ordered for $90 + tax!

Credit Urban Outfitters 
However, I decided to get THESE
And in case anyone wanted to get the same pair, I really hope this post helps you decide what to actually do and save your time returning the product (Like I did!)

Sadly, I did read the reviews under the product before I made my purchase BUT I did NOT listen to them!

I actually pulled the image from the site itself (I don't own the image) just to compare to what I got in the mail.

I honestly loved the colors presented on the site and I felt like they really should give the photographer a big thumbs up for his/her editing skills because let me tell you,
the actual color is NO WHERE near this beautiful color.
It broke my heart when I opened the box!

I do want to clarify things before you get to my image and say oh, it's not THAT bad!
This shoe, for some dark magic reason, photographs EXTREMELY well.
I did NOT edit any colors, I simply took it outside in the sunlight (it was a bit cloudy) and just simply took the picture with my PHONE.
I'm all for blue but when it's more green than blue, that's when I really don't want it. (nothing personally green, I just don't look good in you)
The shade of the real shoe is at least 2 shades darker and a lot more green than blue. The image provided on the site made it look as if it was a mint blue (it even said mint) though I feel like it's more of a teal - correct me if I'm wrong.
Again, it photographs REALLY well, in my opinion, when I saw it with my own eyes, I don't believe the color was as bright as it appears in the photo.

To keep it real, after I saw it again, I did actually have second thoughts to whether or not I should just keep it because it's a pretty cool color! - The only thing is, I know nothing in my closet fits this shoe and down the road I will completely regret spending $90 + tax for a shoe I didn't completely LOVE.

Another factor that helped me finalize my decision was the fact that they forgot to remove the sensor on the shoe. LOL. Honestly though, before I went back to the store, I set off so many alarms it was hilarious - though it was a bit awkward to have everyone look at me like I stole something.

The shoe itself was great however I was just so sad that it looked nothing like the image provided on the website and I really hoped I helped someone save a trip to the post office or mall to return this.

If you love the color, I say go for it, it's not the most comfortable shoe I've ever stepped in but it's not the worst. The form is extremely cool and I loved it so much (despite the color) that I went on and ordered another shoe from NIKE ID - I cannot wait till this one comes in!

To clarify, I have nothing against the shoe nor the color, I was a bit upset by the misrepresentation online. It's really not a bad color you didn't have to edit it till it turned completely into a different shade!

The more you know guys.

All for now,

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