Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip - Liquid lipstick that will literally stick with you till the end!

This is a huge game changer!

lipstick that doesn't rub off!

I used to hate lipstick because they would get so messy, I would have lipstick on my sleeves, on my coffee cups and on every single napkin after I eat. The worst part about it is that the color rubs off so you would have to constantly apply it which means you'll always have to carry your lipstick where ever you go. Not that lipsticks weigh like 10 thousand pounds and you'll have to pick that or your organs - It's a pain if you are like me and don't want to carry anything but your phone so you can skip the bag check lines.

Honestly, I've been trying so many different brands and I still haven't found the perfect lipstick that would stay forever.
That is, until I found Beauty Bakerie's liquid lipsticks or lip whips.
I'm guessing you may have seen a bunch of beauty clips on Instagram showing how after the lipstick dries, it does not budge; not even under water (enough with the "take your date to go swimming joke" since make up doesn't even wash away anymore. LOL).
Let me tell you something, NO ONE and I mean NO ONE posted the name of the lipstick brand so I spent a good few weeks trying to find the name with ridiculous searches like "lipstick that doesn't smudge" or "liquid lipstick that dries matte" - none really gave me the result I wanted until one day, I happen to stumble on their own Instagram page.

Honestly though, I wasn't able to buy it until recently because they were constantly out of stock. I hate having to wait as much as the next person but I guess it all made sense because they had an Easter promo that gave me 20% off my order. Since this was my first time purchasing, I didn't want to buy more than one color and after literally scrolling down all the way to see how the colors looked on different skin tones, I decided to go with "Louvre Palace" - I would explain it as a peach pink color.
(since I'm all about the neutral colors for lips)

It was a nice peach color when tested on the back of my hand - which is a bit darker than my face so it turned out to really show the pink tones of the product.

The packaging is pretty thorough; it came in a 6x6 cardboard box filled with cushioning. When you open it, instead of just receiving the lipstick, it comes in what I think is a ice cream inspired box (waffle designs on the bottom and mint green for the lid)

I believe they have different packaging (or if they changed it completely) because I seemed to have received the birthday (?) edition which features a square container and black cap as opposed to the normal mint green round packaging. It's supposed to have a bit more product (i believe 0.1 liquid oz more????). Honestly I do like the mint green container more but who could argue with a better deal?!

So if you've used liquid lipstick before, there's a lot of product on the wand when you take it out so don't make the same mistake I did and just directly put everything on your lips because let me tell you, your lipstick will dry and start to crack so fast even before you get a chance to spread it out.

I had high hopes for the product since I've seen SO many Instagram posts about how it does not budge so I was so excited, trying to fan my lips with my hands in hopes of it drying faster. My experience is that, that doesn't exactly work all too well. So key here is to be patient and wait for the product to completely dry before you touch your lips.

The color sets as a beautiful matte color and I honestly don't think the image on the site does the product justice since it is a bit different on my lips as opposed to the site's image - my advice is to do a bit of research before purchasing since everyone has different tones and what might look good for someone else might not be the right color for you. Other than that, I have no complaints about the color - IT IS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!
As I've said earlier, the picture is not edited by color filters and was taken outside in the sunlight so if you do decide to purchase this tone, I think this is what is expected. I am a bit on the lighter side so for me, it turns out a bit neutral but I believe it should be quite pink if you are darker than me - just something to keep in mind.

Afterwards, it really DOES NOT move at all!
I'm not joking!!!
I tried to rub it off nothing transferred to my fingers!

Since I didn't exactly believe that it would really stay, I decided to test it out the next day.
From 1PM till 11PM I was outside attending the Jam Fest for NCAA's final four.
I had a hotdog, two drinks and halal food.
Of course I wiped my mouth in case anyone was wondering :)

At the end of the night when I came home to take off my make up, honestly I completely forgot about the lips since before this, my lips would usually rub off while I was wiping throughout the day.
I looked into the mirror and I STILL HAD LIPSTICK ON!
I'm not going to post a picture of my make up remover since I really don't think anyone would want to see that so I guess you'll just have to take my word and believe me when I say, it took about three to four nice rubs to get all the lipstick residue that was still there, off. I've seen on the site that they also sold lipstick removers so that will probably get the product off way faster than just rubbing your lips with makeup removers like I did!

I'm truly impressed with the fact that the lipstick stayed on after all the sweat, the food, the drinks and survived a good round of make up removing.
Call me a fan.
I am truly impressed and I would want to know what dark magic was used in the process of creating is product.

The product is also said to be cruelty free and vegan so I don't know why everyone isn't rushing to buy everything 😱
I believe that everything from Beauty Bakerie is smudge free - from their eyeliner to eyeshadows and of course, lipsticks so I'm beyond excited to try out new things and hopefully my hands on more crazy colors just to see how those turn out :)

I just checked the site and currently the color I purchased is out of stock but I think they will restock pretty soon it and when they do, get it!

As for people who have been asking about the speed of shipment and such, I ordered mine on March 27 and received a shipping confirmation on March 29 - 2 day processing isn't bad at all! It arrived April 2nd. So honestly I have nothing to complain about the processing and shipping!

Link to lipstick:

I hope I helped introducing this life changing find and currently my top favorite lipstick!
Can't wait to do more reviews :)

All for now,

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