H2O+ beauty products & Foreo's "Save The Sea" luna mini 2

A few weeks ago, I entered an Instagram contest from H2O+ beauty and Foreo; where if I won, I would get five products from H2O+ and a special edition Foreo Luna Mini 2.
I was so excited to actually WIN the items from the giveaway!!

I’m all for skincare simply because I think it’s so important for us to take care of ourselves and make sure our skin stays healthy.
Personally, I’ve always had skin problems since high school, so I’ve been trying countless different products to find the right one for my skin so you know I HAD to do a review about this new product on my blog! What better way to start off the school year than with nice, glowing skin, especially after all the long nights of staying awake during summer?

I have actually heard of H2O+ before but completely forgot how I LOVED the products they offered. If anyone stayed at a Disney World resorts, all the shampoos, conditioners, soaps are all from H2O+. So this is definitely not my first time hearing about the brand, I just didn’t realize until just now that the products I got from the staying at the Grand Floridian was from the same brand! The foot rub is TO DIE FOR and it will make the pain of walking around Disney (in scandals because I forgot to bring sneakers) much much much better. Unfortunately, I can’t find the foot rub anywhere but if you do, stock up. Also don’t forget to take some back home after your stay (yes, I’m one of those people. LOL)

As far as first impressions go, I have to say that I loved everything from the carefully packaged white shipping box to the moment when you open up the package and blue packing paper hits you like an ocean wave. It’s incredibly nice to see effort being put into making sure the customer gets a nice package. It honestly makes me feel like Christmas morning every time I receive a well thought out package instead of a floppy, half held together by tape, almost falling apart package.
It’s the little things I guess.

I wanted to start the post with how I’m super picky when it comes to packaging but I guess I went through that with my first impression. IT IS A MUST for a product to have good packaging for me even to remotely like it. (sorry for being so picky)
The packaging for H2O+ products are super cute, with minimalistic design, keeping it clean but still have colors that relates back to the theme of water.

Keep in mind that all of the products contain fragrance so if you are allergic to fragrance, I wouldn’t risk it. However, I tried it and it didn’t seem to irritate my sensitive skin so maybe it just depends on how sensitive you are towards fragrance.

I received 3 products from the elements collection, 2 from the waterbright collection, ranging from creams to cleansers to exfoliations.


I wanted to start of with the make up remover because I am in love with how the bottle looks and the color is just beautiful. Before using, be sure to shake it well so the oil and water mixes well. It took two cotton pads to remove my both my eyes and another to remove the rest of my bb cream so I would say it spread out pretty decently. I didn’t have the slick oil feeling so that’s a HUGE bonus because there’s literally nothing I hate more than the oil feeling after removing all the make up.

I read that many people also use the face cleanser to remove their make-up. However, I wouldn’t advice to do that without actually removing the make-up before hand and just using the cleanser as a tool to remove the little spots that got missed or just to simply, cleanse the face.
Cleanser and Exfoliator

The face cleanser texture
The cleanser is in a clear gel form will tiny blue specks. I wouldn’t say that the cleanser is particularly lathery because when used, by hand or paired with the Foreo Luna Mini, it wasn’t exactly frothy. Keep this in mind if you’re looking something more on the foamy side. I don’t really mind because although the foam makes it a lot more fun, I feel like it might not be the best for your face (since all my face washes that helped me with my acne had absolutely no foam). Although fragrance is listed as an ingredient, I didn’t really get a strong hit of smell, with is nice because sometimes the smells can be off putting to some. The face wash seemed to be quite gentle so I probably wouldn’t use it to get rid of skin problems but rather to refresh the face and maybe use it on days where my skin doesn’t have any concerns, just to give it a break from acne treatments.

The exfoliator texture
I really don’t have much use for exfoliators because it sometimes can be a bit harsh and cause some pimples to pop back up, which is really the last thing I would want and not to mention, defeats the whole purpose of getting rid of dirt on your skin. After a bit of hesitation if I was 100% honest, I finally tried it. One thing I will say is the color is just absolutely gorgeous – it’s a light, sky blue color with white and blue specks. Because it is an exfoliator, the specks are there to help scrub your skin clean. From all the exfoliators I’ve used, I would say this one isn’t really harsh but it still has that scrubbing feeling and it certainly did not have the burning sensation I’ve experienced with stronger products. You don't exactly get the tingling feeling either so if you're looking to experience that, I didn't feel the tingling sensation when I used it. I would say it had a fair amount of fragrance that smelled like bath salts so I’m not complaining. Since the product suggested using 2-3 times a week, I would assume that the product isn’t quite strong to the point where it might dry your skin out completely. However, what I did was after I exfoliated, I put on a sheet mask to help my skin absorb the serum and makes sure it doesn’t dry out and become all flaky. Obviously you can do the same with serums or moisturizers. If your skin dries out easily and is sensitive, I wouldn’t recommend using the product more than maybe twice a week.

From the elements collection, I would say my favorite product would be the exfoliator because it felt strong enough to unclog my pores yet didn't cause my skin to dry out. The products from the collection are fairly cheap being all $20 and below so I wouldn't say it would be a waste of money if you wanted to try it out.


Moving on to the waterbright collection, I received two products that are to be used together to receive the desired results (at least that’s what it said on the packaging). The packaging is not much different from the elements collection – still with the same white background, but instead of the blue clam(?) like drawings, it’s more of a teal seaweed illustration. I honestly feel like I’m butchering the illustrations so horribly and maybe it’s something completely different?

one pump, cream comes out the top, wipe with finger and apply.
just twist to open the pump to never have to waste product!
Anyways, I started out with the Illuminating night cream that was supposed to restore a more radiant and even skin tone. God knows that my skin has so many blemishes from acne and is nothing close being even of any sort so this was a double thumbs up for me. The thing is, nothing really does the trick so I’ve just sort of gotten used to the facts that my blemishes take quite some time to heal. I did however, try the cream just in case it would help with the fading process.
I will say that the design with the pump is really quite amazing. I can’t explain why I’m so in love with the products that contain this kind of pump. One thing people always say when they see this is “oh, this wastes so much product” or “this is not practical” and yes I’ve had products that have similar packaging but this one was probably one of the only few that you can open the pump so easily with just one twist so you really will get all the product and not waste a drop!

simple white cream texture
As much as I love the packaging because it’s simply just brilliant, it had a very strong smell. The smell wasn’t off putting but it was a bit too strong for me especially for bed. I know many people love having scented cream or body lotion of sorts to help calm them before bed, I just am not those people. I think maybe if one puts a thin enough layer, the smell might not be as harsh because some nights I’ve had strong hits of it but some, it’s not as bad. For the instructions, it isn’t just for your face because they’ve clearly said to rub it into face, neck and chest each evening but keep in mind that the jar is 50ML or 1.7 fl oz so if you’re trying to stretch the usage, maybe just aim for your face and neck J. I wouldn’t say it did much for me because I didn’t use it constantly due to the scent but if you do decide to try it for yourself, it didn’t break me out and it did replace moisturizer.

Last but not least is the second product from the waterbright collection – the illuminating serum which is supposed to help reduce dark spots and even skin tone. So basically the same thing as the night cream, just for the day. I read behind and it seems to help the skin even more because of the Vitamin C, snowflake flower and pomelo extract which sounds pretty amazing.
The serum is more gel like than the night cream (if that wasn’t obvious enough from the name) and for me, it didn’t contain a strong scent like the night cream did so I honestly liked this product a lot more. However, you get less product than the night cream does and to an extent it makes sense because you’re only supposed to use this product on your face in the morning. For me, I used it after I washed my face in the morning, before my toner and moisturizer but sometimes I do switch the steps. I found that just a tiny tiny pump goes a long way so don’t go crazy because then you’ll end up just wasting the product.
Twist to remove the cap.

The pump is just like your normal stand up pump, you can also easily remove it and not waste any remaining cream.
The only difference is that the opening is rather tiny so the only finger that would probably fit would be my ring finger. This really doesn't help with making sure you cleaned out the whole entire product because the opening is too small to be able to really take out any cream.
Like the rest of the line, this didn’t cause break outs for any irritations for my skin even with the fragrance so I wouldn’t say that you should stay away just because fragrance is listed unless of course you can’t stand the smell or have really extremely sensitive skin.

The downside to the waterbright products that I’ve received is that it clearly states on the packaging that you have to pair the two together to get the results so in case you couldn’t stand the night cream and loved the day serum or vice versa, you might not get the results you’re looking for by just using one product. The prices on the products are really not much of a difference and surprisingly, the serum is just a bit more expensive than the night cream although it’s only 30ml compared to 50ml.

I’ve listed the prices of each product down below and linked the products just in case!
Also, you can get 20% off your first order by clicking HERE  

Elements collection:
Shaken not stirred make up remover - $18 *
Keep it fresh face cleanser (for normal to oily skin) - $20  * | *
Restore the glow exfoliator - $20  * | *

Waterbright collection:
Illuminating serum - $56 * | *
Illuminating night cream - $54 * | *

* * *

Special edition Foreo LUNA mini 2 "Save The Sea"

Up close on how the device looks

I am a huge fan of Foreo from when I discovered it a few years ago and I’ve loved it ever since.
The pricing might a bit high but if you think about it, you never really have to invest more into it like changing heads or replacing batteries. It charges and lasts pretty long, so if you’re anything like me, a person who forgets to charge everything, this will literally last months before you have to recharge the product. The last time I charged my Foreo Luna (the first version) was literally last year and I still haven’t had to charge it again!

Since I have 3 different Foreo products, I’ll save the comparison on a different post and just focus on the one I received in the giveaway package.
Foreo Save The Sea LUNA mini 2. It’s a long name. I know. But it is a special edition where 100% of the net proceeds to charities that help with the ocean conservation. We all love doing good so why not do good for the ocean and your face?

I truly love the packaging and the color because not only is it a gorgeous blue but the two white turtles just ties the whole theme together. The device is 100% waterproof so I normally bring it into the shower and just use it there without having to worry if it'll get ruined with the water and steam.

usb cable charger
Like most Foreo products, this comes with a 2-year warranty and a USB charging cable where you can just plug directly into your laptop or even phone charger to charge your device so really it's definitely convenient when you need to travel. However, I normally keep it in the original packaging after I've charged it because I've seem to lose basically every charging cable possible, especially when I remember that I need to use it. The device is perfect for my hand and fits into the palm of my hands. I think it's the best fit. Compared to the normal luna device, its more rounded, it looks adorable in my opinion.

fits into the palm of your hands
The device as a power button in the middle, add and subtract buttons for the settings and honestly, the softest bristles ever. I've gotten used to my first generation one where the bristles aren't as soft and the device is a bit bigger than this so this upgrade is really something to consider if you own the first Luna and can't decide if the second generation will change your life or not. If you haven't had a chance to buy a Foreo LUNA, the prices are $139 for this particular size (the mini) and $199 for the normal size, as for the first gen, the price is $169 but I wouldn't recommend it just because the bristles have had a major upgrade between the generations. Of course there are other color options but if you love blue and wouldn't mind having some sea turtles on your face cleaning device, this is the way to go! - Remember that all net proceeds go to help conserve the ocean!

The bristles are extremely gentle on the skin and the vibrations help cleanse the skin without having any harsh scrubs cause irritations to the skin.
I truly love all Foreo products and it actually played a huge part in helping me with all my skin problems, helping me clean my face better than using any other device. I couldn't be any more happier receiving the Foreo LUNA mini 2 special edition and I can't wait to see what else they come up with!
Don't forget to grab one to help conserve the sea and help your skin glow!
Click the link HERE to be directed and get your LUNA mini 2 now!

* * *

I would love to end my review by thanking obviously H2O+ and Foreo for sending me the package containing their products!
It was so much fun getting to test out new products and see how they change my skin!

All for now,

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